MetaBlox Concluded the Seed Round, Plans for the Future


MetaBlox has completed their seed round and have raised over $2 million ​​from some of the most highly regarded firms in Web3. The seed funding is co-led by Synergis Capital and CollabCurrency, followed by NFT Technologies, SNZ holdings, Future Life, Slope, CrowdCreate, and multiple technology and few crypto-focused family offices.

While MetaBlox secured funding, they are also ecstatic that they have developed partnerships and relationships with some of the most prominent figures in the space today.

The funds Metablox has raised will accelerate their Network Protocol roll out. They are hiring a team to work on MetaBlox full time. They will use the initial funds to focus on marketing their network and garnering as much exposure to the crypto community as a user-centric network. Once they have the initial exposure established, MetaBlox will reward its users with passive income and income generating capabilities.

The team at MetaBlox believes the funding will bootstrap their network and reach. They plan on launching their miner in Late 2022.

About MetaBlox

The MetaBlox protocol is based on DID (Decentralized-ID) and VC (Verifiable Credential) W3C standards. It will enable developers to disrupt the current Web2 standards and return profits back to the users. The protocol itself is blockchain agnostic and they are currently working on developing it on all major L1 networks.

Because of the MetaBlox Protocol, they will offer a free decentralized WiFi network as their anchor application. As users move around the world with their unique DID (Decentralized-ID), their device will automatically connect them to all available MetaBlox hotspots.

Besides broadband wireless access, MetaBlox will use DID/VC model to provide decentralized edge computing as well edge storage/cache systems to support a decentralized foundation layer for native Web3 applications. This will support the implementation of Trust over IP stack in Web3. As a DID-driven protocol with supporting infrastructure, MetaBlox can also support other applications in DeFi KYC, GameFi ID, and NFT airdrops. They will soon launch a mobile app for users.


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