Bullishmarketcap, Fast Growing Platform For Discovery Of New, Presale Crypto Currency Projects


Bullishmarketcap has promised to prioritize safety of crypto traders by ensuring that it list crypto projects that meet up the platform`s criteria. Bullishmarketcap otherwise known as BMC is a platform that allow developers to list their crypto currency projects most especially projects that are on presale stages for visibility. Crypto traders who visit BullishmarketCap can easily see the start and end times of pre-sale projects with the timer feature. Users can also read certain details of the token which will help guide their investment decision.

Bullishmarketcap in a press statement, said it has managed to create a strong team from different countries and that its decision to enable users to access many projects on a single platform has become a reality. The statement said Bullishmarketcap is also working to partner with many well-known LaunchPad platforms around the world as it continues to grow in the crypto market.

The statement expressed confidence that Bullishmarketcap will soon become a house hold name considering the number of daily visitors who visits the websites and its socials to read about projects that are on presale stages. It also said the number of listing submission which the team reviews daily is quite encouraging.

According to the statement, Bullishmarketcap will not relent on its commitment to improving and ensuring that it provides a good platform for crypto investors and by extension growing active community on its social platforms to enable it users interact and have first-hand information on upcoming presales.

It disclosed that Bullishmarketcap intends to further expand its horizon beyond listing and displaying projects, revealing that it will in future, launching its crypto currency project which will be used by its users to be able to unlock some features on it website.

Bullishmarketcap however stated that it is open to new partnerships and aims to grow rapidly in the crypto ecosystem.



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