Crypto as a Service Solution Launched by Fully-Managed Blockchain Development Platform Gigster


Gigster, the leading blockchain service integrator and development service provider, today announced a new service to allow companies to rapidly set up crypto payment gateways and custodial wallets for their customers. This new “Crypto as a Service” solution meets a growing consumer demand for companies to support crypto as a payment option.

Major brands and retailers already accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Crypto payment options offer lower fees, more security, and faster transactions, while also opening the brand up to the broader Web3 market. Many brands have also found facilitating crypto payments serves as an excellent marketing tool. However, the costs and development skills required have been a barrier to entry for some companies until now.

Gigster’s new Crypto as a Service solution provides all the support and technical development resources needed to fulfill and exceed customer demand in an agile and scalable way. Their solution offers white label crypto payments, automated tax reporting, and custodial wallet development. Using Gigster’s proven and fully-managed development teams, companies can complete their crypto payment project in as little as three weeks.

“In an increasingly – and nearly exclusive – digital world, it’s important to embrace all types of consumer convenience, including crypto payments,” said Gigster’s Director of Blockchain, Cory Hymel. “As more consumers and retail brands move to Web3 and the Metaverse, supporting crypto payments is an important step all companies should take to remain connected to this market.”

Gigster currently leverages top Web3 development talent from around the world and data-driven project management platform to deliver thousands of blockchain projects on-time and on-budget. Their service offerings include blockchain wallet development, NFT marketplaces, blockchain technology consulting, and dApps development.

“As consumer demand increased, developing crypto payment options and custodial wallets became one of our most common and successful projects,” said Hymel. “We’ve now packaged that project into a fully-managed solution to make accepting crypto payments easy, fast, and cost-effective.”

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