Is Trading As Risky As People Say?


Out of all the types of online earnings, trading is considered the most unstable and risky. Many tried to master it, and only a few succeeded. The world is changing constantly, and all the problems get solved sooner or later.

There are many very important updates in trading now, which may change your opinion of trading currencies forever. The LH-Crypto broker has announced a new service – trading account insurance called Safety Net System. It is hard to believe it, but we will soon witness a real revolution in trading.

So, the first insurance service for trading accounts will start working on June 1st 2022; it will be available for all the traders who have replenished their accounts. Right after the replenishment, the broker will accrue an equal amount as a safety deposit. You can see that amount in your Personal Area as a guarantee that your account is safe.

If an order ends up in a loss, all you need to return the losses is to send a ticket to the broker’s support. An operator will process your request and will activate the part of the safety deposit enough to compensate for the loss. It is just the same as saving your progress in a game and restarting if something goes wrong! We all wish to have such an option in our real lives, and now we have that in trading!

Just imagine: you can be safe from fearing money loss. It changes everything, because the psychological state is very important in trading. Statistics show that around 80% of losing orders are made because of the fear to lose money. Emotions mess with traders and don’t let them concentrate – this is the root of all the problems. And now, when we can be safe from worrying about losses, any trader can become a true professional and make real money!

The insurance works for all types of LH-Crypto accounts, even for Non Deposit ones. The account currency doesn’t matter either. The minimum amount for joining the Safety Net System is 250 Euro or its equivalent in any other currency. You can use the insurance as long as you wish; every time you replenish your account the broker will accrue the safety deposit to your account.

How do you like that? Now trading doesn’t seem so scary, right?

You can insure your trading account here.



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