Huobi Labs Launches “Winter 2019: The World’s Leading Project Incubation Program” During Its Silicon Valley Summit



Huobi Labs, one of world’s premier incubators, announced its “Winter 2019: a World’s Leading Project Incubation Program, DIB” during the successful launch of its Huobi Labs Silicon Valley Summit held on September 23rd. Aside from calling for startups across North America and abroad to join the selection, the program also set up a transparent selection algorithm to ensure diversity in the blockchain ecosystem.

“By launching the program, Huobi Labs looks to help startup businesses grow into thriving brands during their incubation period,” said Jinyan Yang, Head of Huobi Labs.

The program selection is set to begin immediately and end by October 10th, during which Huobi Labs will meet startup teams across San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., New York City, and many more to evaluate high potential programs in its infant stages for innovation, business operations, team background, founders and leadership, and other core factors.

“Aside from DIB program, Huobi Labs has set up two other programs to support and advance the field of entrepreneurship,” explained Yang. “The Urban Incubation Collaborative Center Program is currently seeking out more locations to set up hubs for collaborative efforts, and the Project Incubator Partner Program empowers experts with distinguished experiences and resources to participate as both professional consultants and project managers to set up a unified system and improved guidelines for Huobi Labs.”

The Huobi Labs Silicon Valley Summit featured a panel discussion on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency trends from notable speakers, including Peter Qin, Co-founder and COO of SV Insight, Eric Ly, Founder of Hub & Former Co-founder of LinkedIn, Bril Wang, CEO of Cryptic Labs & Advisor at Stanford DTI and Bob Wood, Co-founder of Duo Consulting. The panel shed insights on the market’s inclination toward “evolution” rather than “revolution” when it comes to startup projects, the opportunity for the next “killer app” to move forward the blockchain industry, and the important tip to “create real value for the marketplace” when structuring a new business model for a potential project. The group also noticed slower activity and growth compared to last year, inducing startups to focus instead on technology and projects. It is prime time for incubators and accelerators like Huobi Labs to provide valuable opportunities for startups to identify challenges and solutions, gain easy access to necessary resources, and discover their potential in early stages. Similarly, Huobi Labs connects startup teams to venture capitals and startup programs to targeted markets with the purpose of strengthening and diversifying entrepreneurial economies.

“Blockchain should be more about marketplace needs, rather than being limited to technologies and concepts,” commented Yang during the Summit.


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