The New Playbook: SB22 and ALL.ART’s Blueprint for NFT-Driven Sports Entertainment


In a groundbreaking fusion of technology and sports entertainment, SB22 and ALL.ART proudly announce a partnership set to redefine the future. Merging the adrenaline of immersive sports betting with the innovative world of NFTs and blockchain solutions, this collaboration promises to elevate the sports entertainment experience, delivering unparalleled engagement and opportunities for enthusiasts around the globe.

We are thrilled to unveil an innovative partnership between SB22, the industry’s pioneering fully immersive betting and transactional platform, and ALL.ART, the trailblazers in establishing enhanced NFT standards and building robust blockchain infrastructure solutions. As SB22 takes strides to redefine the sports entertainment industry, this partnership with ALL.ART is a significant step in achieving that vision.

With ALL.ART’s dedication to reshaping the NFT landscape and developing solid blockchain infrastructures, SB22’s betting system will undergo a groundbreaking transformation. This collaboration aims not just to alter the dynamics of sports entertainment but to magnify the experience by seamlessly integrating NFTs.

Commenting on the exciting alliance, Marko Savkovic, CTO of SB22, said, “In line with SB22’s core philosophy of a fully modular and expandable platform, this partnership will enable us to seamlessly integrate automated minting of all the relevant NTF tokens into our wagering and promotional flow. We strongly believe ALL.ART engine is best suited for this purpose, allowing us to establish a perpetual link between holders of image rights and minted NFTs, persistent through any number of future token resales.”

Further reflecting on this collaborative journey, Vitomir Jevremovic, Founder and CEO of ALL.ART, said, “Our vision has always been to intersect the blockchain and digital asset landscapes with diverse industries. This partnership with SB22 is a testament to that vision. Their platform, which has already made significant waves in the sports betting industry, aligns with our expertise in NFT and blockchain innovations. Together, we’re constructing a new paradigm for sports and tech enthusiasts alike. It’s an exciting time for both our organizations and for the countless individuals who will benefit from this fusion. “

Enthusiasts and sports fans can eagerly anticipate exclusive NFT drops and merchandise that will spotlight some of the sports world’s premier names and leagues. Together, SB22 and ALL.ART are setting the stage for a blend of sports action with the inventive realm of NFTs, crafting an entertainment experience like no other. As we embark on this exciting journey, the merger of SB22’s revolutionary betting platform with ALL.ART’s expertise in NFTs and blockchain solutions promises a future where sports entertainment is more vibrant and immersive than ever before.

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