Unveiling the ReadON and MOBOX Partnership: Elevating the Web3 Gaming Community


ReadON, a leading Web3 content layer and application chain, and MOBOX, a pioneer in the Web3 gaming community, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to unify the Web3 gaming content community, enhance user experience, and transcend the boundaries of on-chain assets.

Content Meets Gaming: A Unified Community

Gaming and content are complementary domains. As users engage with games, they consume content that enhances their experience. This partnership integrates these two spheres, with ReadON’s decentralized content community providing foundational support for MOBOX’s impact in the Web3 gaming sector.

The Ambitions of the Alliance

Through this alliance, ReadON and MOBOX aim at:

  • Expanding Cultural-Geographical Boundaries: ReadON DAO’s strong presence in Northeast Asia provides a platform for MOBOX to influence this market with diverse cultural insights.
  • Building Organic Gaming-Content Infrastructure: ReadON’s mature, decentralized content curation, aggregation, and distribution mechanism will provide robust infrastructural content support for MOBOX.
  • Innovating on Asset Utility: The collaboration aims to break down existing silos of NFT functionality, allowing for deeper engagement and personalization across various application scenarios.

MOBOX & ReadON: United for the Upcoming Topic Raffle Season 3

To demonstrate our commitment to building and empowering our communities, ReadON will join forces with MOBOX in launching the Topic Raffle Season 3, featuring the release of co-branded Catto NFT topic parts. This upcoming season expands upon the traditional offerings with an extended prize pool that will include massive READ tokens and MBOX Tokens. To further engage our communities, the probability of winning awards will be both random and dynamically adjusted in relation to the number of participating tickets. Don’t miss out on the MOBOX Topic Raffle Season 3, set to launch at the end of November. Be part of this thrilling event!

About ReadON

ReadON is a decentralized Web3 content layer and application chain that focuses on addressing revenue sharing and content moderation issues of Web2. Today, ReadON has over 100 B2B clients, including leading cryptocurrency exchanges and growth platforms. It runs several proprietary content services and launched a Web3 content aggregation and distribution community, ReadON DAO, which has already been adopted by over 700,000 users.


MOBOX, a beacon of innovation in decentralized gaming, is redefining the landscape by fostering innovation and nurturing the Web3 gaming community. As a community-driven platform, MOBOX offers a unique metaverse experience with interoperable assets and a multitude of thriving games. With MOBOX, you’re not just a player; you’re a pioneer in the revolutionary future of decentralized gaming. Mobox was listed through Binance Launchpool in 2021 and boasts a vibrant and dynamic gaming ecosystem.

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