The Marshall Islands Announces the Establishment of the SOV Development Fund

Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands today announced the establishment of the SOV Development Fund, a Marshallese not-for-profit organization. The Fund’s mandate is to support the government in the establishment, maintenance and implementation of the SOV, the Marshall Islands’ digital legal tender. In a pre-recorded video presentation to the Blockchain for Impact Summit at the […]

Cryptocurrency and China Influence Test Pacific Island’s Presidency

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine narrowly survived a vote of no confidence Monday after a political struggle over cryptocurrency and an alleged Chinese plan to seize control of an atoll. The 67-year-old sole Pacific female head of state survived the vote as parliament was split 16-16 and her opponents fell short of the 17 they […]

Marshalls President Heine Faces no Confidence Challenge

Marshall Islands

The first and only female head of state of an independent Pacific island faces her first vote of no confidence next week. Eight senators introduced a motion of no confidence in Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine on Monday, the last of 50 sitting days for the parliament session this year. The constitution requires a vote […]


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