Mastercard Blockchain to Bring Visibility to Food Systems


Consumers increasingly want to know the story behind the food that they consume – the source of the produce, meats and seafood, and their journey to the table. Mastercard is collaborating with Envisible, a company that enables supply-chain visibility in food systems to bring more visibility to food that people eat every day. Envisible’s Wholechain […]

MasterCard Ban Starts Monday, VISA in December


Payment processors have been expecting the changes for months, brokers forced out of credit cards. As expected, card payments are becoming more and more difficult for some brokers. Those who are operating from unregulated or loosely regulated environments will need to find alternatives. Sources with intimate knowledge of the matter confirmed to Finance Magnates that […]

Mastercard Patent Filings Tout Blockchain for Immutable Data Records


Payment services giant Mastercard is looking at the use of blockchain for keeping track of consumer payments, newly published patent filings suggest. In a series of largely similar patent applications published last week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Mastercard outlines how a distributed ledger can be used to record “point-to-point transactions” as they are processed. This information can then […]


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