DEX Aggregator Jupiter Integrates With Mercuryo for Crypto Ecosystem Growth

Jupiter, the largest decentralised trading aggregator based on the Solana blockchain, has partnered with Mercuryo, a global payments infrastructure provider. This is the first strategic partnership by Jupiter when it comes to payment providers, and it sets the goal of using Mercuryo’s On-Ramp services to bring more people into Solana and the crypto ecosystem in […]

Mercuryo and Ledger collaborate to offer businesses and HNW individuals a seamless private crypto banking experience

Global payment infrastructure platform Mercuryo launches a personalised private crypto banking solution. Mercuryo Pro, initially developed and launched in collaboration with Ledger, the global platform for digital assets, will evolve to cater to a broader audience. Now available to high-net-worth individuals and companies, Mercuryo Pro facilitates the buying and selling of crypto – BTC, ETH, […]

Bank Accounts in Crypto Are Now Real: Meet the New BaaS Solution from Mercuryo

Global payments infrastructure platform Mercuryo introduces the first Banking-as-a-Service product tailored to suit the needs of crypto market participants. Digital asset organisations, such as exchanges, wallet providers, NFT services, DeFi protocols, DAOs, and others can integrate the BaaS solution into their ecosystems and open full-fledged bank accounts. Doing so enables their customers to seamlessly store, […]

Mercuryo partners with ConsenSys to offer seamless crypto purchases within MetaMask

Mercuryo, a leading crypto payments company, and ConsenSys, a market-leading Web3 company, have announced an integration within MetaMask that will allow MetaMask users to bypass mainstream exchanges and buy crypto tokens with bank cards, Apple Pay, and various bank transfer methods directly in their wallets. This aims to simplify purchasing digital assets thanks to instant […]


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